Every artist operates in the same space. Racing against the setting sun - creating something timeless within itself; prisoners to our 24 hour shackles. Each craftsman has their rituals, held captive only by this singular truth.
Time is omnipresent. The divide between day and night.
This is the realm of the dreamer, and home to the creative thinker.
Join MadeWorn on the road towards creative discovery. The insatiable search of craftsmanship, American history, and of imagination - all leading towards a single item, the very shackle that binds us. Time.
This special edition two-toned, 24-hour Timex is hand assembled by American craftsmen; built by the blood, sweat and tears of true creators.
Every element, from body, face, hands, to patina is completely unique and one of a kind. Wearing this watch pays homage to the tireless work required creating a singular item - an idea belonging to both yesterday and tomorrow.
We cannot attempt to cheat time, but can change how we represent it. Fall victim to these 24 hours - or choose to conquer them. Your unique masterpiece.
“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

Lewis Carroll